Software Updates

Download and upgrade instructions:

1) Prepare an empty USB drive, format the USB to FAT32 and download the folder from the link.

2) Transfer the .zip file only onto the root directory of your empty USB.

3) Rename zip file to "upgrade_pkg", format is .zip. Unplug USB from computer.

4) Plug in the MMB into your car USB, then wait for system to boot. Plug the USB with the update files. Then wait 10 seconds for update menu to appear. Click "Update immediately"

5) Product will return to original car interface. LED will turn red for 3-5 minutes, do not unplug and please wait.

Please do NOT unplug the USB or product when update is in process. The product will become defective, and will not work anymore. Do not switch off your vehicle either until the product restarts again. If you break the device while updating, we reserve the right to refuse product exchange.


MMB Android USB

Latest: March 13th 2021 - LINK

Patch Notes:

1. Fix Google account login
2. 2021 Audi models compatibility
3. Nissan model compatibility
4. Optimize the incoming call phone number format with Bluetooth function
5. Porsche 2021 Taycan compatibility
6. Skoda 2021 Compatibility

Older Versions:

January 26th 2021 - LINK

January 13th 2021- LINK 

December 17th 2020 -  LINK


MMB Wireless CarPlay Adapter Plus

Latest: March 23rd 2021 - LINK

Patch Notes:

1. Add a setting (Setting -> General Settings) to auto boot up Wireless CarPlay
2. French, Turkish, Chinese language are added.
3. Skoda 2021MY connection support.
4. Support for 2021MY Audi models.
5. 2021MY Taycan connection support.
6. Nissan car connection support.

Older Versions:

January 27th 2021 - LINK

December 25th 2020 LINK