Software Updates

This page is optimised for computer viewing and downloading.

If you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us first before updating.

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Warning! Read first:
Please do NOT unplug the USB or product when update is in process.
The product will become defective, and will not work anymore.
Do not switch off your vehicle either, until the product restarts again.

Which MMB do you have?

Select your MMB product with the directory below.
If you do not see an older version of MMB, please contact us for update.

Update Files For Each MMB Model

MMB 11 Plus (Android 11)

MMB Adapter Plus

Please check your current software version first and look for the specific number in the OS version.
OS Version: x_
107.... x_207.... x_307... 

If your Adapter Plus is equipped with wireless Android Auto Android 11, update with version

For version JM5

For version 307

(if you are still experiencing Bluetooth activation problems, go into MMB settings -> WLAN -> connect to any WiFi or phone hotspot first)

For version 207

For version 107

MMB Android 9.0 (Dark Blue)

Cannot be updated on Android 7.0 version, your MMB will stop working.